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The debut EP from Ladbroke Grove's dub-punk warriors. Recorded and produced by UK reggae legend Nick Manasseh and featuring one of the founding fathers of Jamaican music, Vin Gordon on the trombone.


released August 2, 2014

Smiley - Lead vocals, rhythm guitar, harmonica
James Shepard - Lead guitar
Jay Hirano - Drums, percussion
Vin Gordon - Trombone
Tom Collingwood - Bass guitar, trumpet
Rhia Lawrence - Backing vocals

Produced and mixed by Manasseh 2014




all rights reserved


Smiley & The Underclass London, UK

Wicked and wild Dub Punk outta London.

"Think Bob Dylan meets The Clash and King Tubby in a dark alley with razor-blades..."

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Track Name: It's All England
I was born ina London city down in '89
Then I moved up to Manchester at the age of five
I've been all over this little island
Still I don't know where I'm from

So I coulda London to Birmingham to Manchester
Liverpool, Bradford to Exeter, it's all England
no matter where you're from

When I think of England I don't think of
black cabs and cops, I think of chain-links and locks
Dirty locks and chicken shops
Tower blocks and a wrap of herb in my socks
England's a bitch unless you're rich
Clothes rip so I got to learn how to stitch
I can hear the music in Handsworth
I can smell the burnt earth in Toxteth
In Bristol City they know what your life is worth
They chase the crazy supermarkets out of the town

And it seems they never learn
If you're playing with fire you must catch a burn
But whose gonna be left to burn in this machine,
what's a terrorist, what do you mean ?
Is it the way the state is run that's got this kid's finger on the trigger of a gun ?
Is it the parenthood or is it the girl inside the pages of The Sun ?
Is it the people that they paint as public enemy number one ?
Does nothing matter on a Sunday morning when your done ?
See youths scatter - rat-a-tat-a-tat against the sun
If your a punk rocker with no future or fun
or a rebel roots rocker shouting "Rally Run Come"

Can you hear me singing ina England ?
Tribalism ina England
Life's a riot ina England
What are they doing ina England ?
Track Name: Machiavelli Blues
I wake up to the mobile phone sound
Another eight-bit day in this two-bit town
Half asleep eyes red and my neck feels sore
and the room still stinks from the night before
Crawl through the bedroom door and as I move to the sink
I hear the first dog bark as I brush my teeth,
looking at the mould above and wondering what lies beneath
The people upstairs still ain't fixed that leak
The rents due and it feels deep
It's a deep heat blues

I'm making cigarettes and cereal
Skyline full of aerials
Movements made unseen is like a dreadlocks at funerals
The city is a human zoo
What's eating you ?
Honey baby where's the Special Brew ?
What are we all running after ?
Running these streets till disaster
Honey baby won't you tell me what's the answer ?
From High Trees to Teversham Lane
there's got to be some kind of change
Change the blues

Yes sometimes I like to walk the streets on my own
to catch the cannibals and see the pigeons munching on the chicken bones
A rolling stone on the steps of Stepney Green
Listen to the word and you might see what I see:
Occupy, Civilize, Uprise, Downsize, the shadows of Romans
that wear many guises
Behind disguises we see their surprise is a cry that's as tight as their ties
Meanwhile mum and dad're hooked up to the telly
The man on Sky News is telling them life is scary
Upstairs the smell of skunk is getting kinda heavy
Little Jimmy's turning Machiavelli with his Blackberry
What you gonna do
when you got the Machiavelli Blues ?
Track Name: Party Gone Wrong
I went to a party in W1
In the heart of the city that they call London
down Great Portland Street to have a little fun
with few spliffs and a bottle of rum
Jungle drums shake the building as we listen to sound
Rhythmic palpatation bass to make your heart pound
Pure dubstep and grime, ears bleed from the treble
The sound of the Devil or the sound of Johnny Rebel ?

Then we hear the police, "we've got you surrounded
Turn that fucking riot down coz' you're not allowed it, you lot just a
Party Gone Wrong"

So they said "turn the sound down and we'll leave you alone,
we've had some complaints but we don't wanna make you go home"
The sergeant in charge used to skank to Roni Size
and shot pills in the '90s so you can't criticise
So they turned the sound down for an hour or so
The vibes was flowing so nice you know
It was us against them, and then we were together
but when the feds pulled out they just turned on eachother
Pure gangs fill the hallway just fuss and fight
A girl caught a beating over a look that wasn't right
Rumours of robbing and stabbing just fly like a kite
and the ghost of Maggie Thatcher is laughing tonight

It was coke, crack and mephedrone was openly sold
to enough of these kids was just fifteen years old
They say have the story has never been told
but the youths they just get so cold, in this
Party Gone Wrong

6 a.m. outside the party in W1
In the heart of the city that they call London
I was wondering where it went so wrong
with this lost generation, children of Babylon
Corrupt bankers and priests, figureheads for the people
Plasma politician, billboard is deceitful
Dropping bombs on the streets till each man is equal,
wrapped up in the sleeping back on the church steeple

And though the road may be steep and the battle be long
and it seems like the walls round us all will never come down
When the time comes I know Yabby You will be singing those bad, bad songs
Till then we've all got to carry on, in this
Party Gone Wrong