Rebels Out There

by Smiley & The Underclass

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We live in times of hypnosis, but Mother Nature demands that we wake up. We hope this album serves as a reminder to the listener of the positive power we each hold in our hearts and minds, that we might use such power for good in times of hate.

Special thanks to Paul Forrest-Jameson, Takumi Kumai, Leyley Walker, John Cartmell, Nick Fitzgerald, Rik Kemp, Jon Prew, Beatriz Subero, Dorothy Norkett, Max Rademacher and Orchestra, James "Fat Paul McCartney" Gavin, Sheryl and Jo, Evie Atkins, Eugene Lusardi, Tiger Lily, James Murray, Shin Izawa, the Lovely Emilie, Chiro O, Daniel Stone, Seamus & Magda, Lauren Dooley, Goshi, Hideyuki Shinizu, Yusuke Ono, Megumi Shirota, Papa Face, Mick Jones, the wonderful Mau Mau staff, Bill McKibben, Yaya, Alchemy, Asheber, Nyron and all the other wonderful humans who helped us bring this album into existence.


released July 14, 2017

Mixed and recorded by Nick Manasseh at The Yard and Mick's Place.

Mastered at The Exchange, London.

Artwork design by Ronch.



all rights reserved


Smiley & The Underclass London, UK

Wicked and wild Dub Punk outta London.

"Think Bob Dylan meets The Clash and King Tubby in a dark alley with razor-blades..."

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Track Name: It's All England
I was born in London city down in '89
Then I moved up to Manchester at the age of 5
I've been all over this little island
still I don't know where I'm from

I coulda London to Birmingham to Manchetser
Liverpool, Bradford to Exeter
It's All England
No matter where you're from

When I think of England I don't think of black cabs and cops
I think of chain links and locks
Dirty looks and chicken shops, tower blocks
and a wrap of weed in my socks
England's a bitch unless you're rich
My clothes ripped so I gotta learn how to stitch
I can hear the music in Handsworth
and I can smell the burnt earth in Toxteth
In Bristol city they know what you're life is worth
So they chase the crazy supermarkets out of the town


And it seems they never learn
If you're playing with fire, you must catch a burn
But who's gonna be left to burn in this machine?
Man said "terrorist", what do you mean?
Is it the way the state is run
thats got this kid's finger on the trigger of a gun?
Is it the parenthood
or is it the girl inside the pages of the Sun?
Is it the people that they paint as public enemy number one?
Does nothing matter on a Sunday morning when you're done?
See youths scatter, rat-a-tat-a-tat against the Sun
If you're a Punk Rocker with no future or fun
or a Rebel Roots Rocker shouting rally run come

Repeat first verse and chorus
Track Name: Rebels Out There
All I hear is left, right, left, right, left right

Are there any rebels out there?
Are there are rebels out there?
If you're out there let me hear ya say yeah

Long time ago there were punks and rockers
Skinheads out on the streets don't you know
Fighting each other for a piece of the globe
Now there's no future at all seems to show
As we grow we can hear them shriek
Lord have mercy on the brink
Situation bad / Read it in the panic rags


Left, right, left, right, left, right
I'm so sick of Left, right, left, right, left, right...

Don't pay your mortgage, don't pay your tax
Take your money out of their banks
Know your neighbours, secret town halls
People means us, politics means wars
Real rebels grow food, don't eat that shit
from a pale faced clown who wants to kill off the kids
Mother natures dying while we're running this race
Can we look our grandkids in the face?

Chorus x2
Track Name: Truth & Rights
Render your hearts and not your garments
The truth is there for who have eyes to see
Partiality has no place in this judgement
Remember the words of prophecy

Children run, come to truth and rights
That's what I'm about
You know the truth and rights
Teach it to the children
Run, come to truth and rights
That's what I'm about coz we know

Children say a little prayer
Every night before you go to sleep
because tomorrow is promised to no one
When you think it's peace and safety, lord
it could be sudden destruction
that's why we know, yes we know

Remember I say these few words to you
Remember the words I am saying to you right now and for tomorrow Render your hearts and not your garments
The truth is there for who have eyes to see
Partiality has no place in this judgement
Remember the words of prophecy

Track Name: Now You Know
They handed you your birthstone through your cradle bassonette
Sweeties made of dead stuff hooked on candy cigarettes
Envisaged all your goals
Decided who you're gonna be
Self-hypnosis easier than being free

Now you know
Why you're fucked!

You listen to the radio telling yourself that you're not bored
All the words are comfort till you can't see through the fraud
You wanna do the good but you can't avoid the bad
Now you're eating up you're future
for a life you'll never have

Now you know
Why you're fucked!

It's easy and it's fun to try and neutralize your brain
It deals with all your worries and it takes away your pain
You can get it from the shop
You can get it down the lane
There's just one simple problem
The whole thing is insane!

Now you know
Why you're fucked!
Track Name: Another Kind of Human
Blessed are whatevers next
Pristine vultures getting stronger every year
She's so lovely and she don't want kids
Coz she knows that the world is a mess
Her eyes are in the tropesphere
Certain feelin that the sky has left
We love against a feeling that a drop is near
So please let it drop

I know you'd like to be another kind of human but you
can't see the forest, no you can't see it at all
I know you'd like to be another kind of human but you
can't see the forest coz the trees are all on fire

So we walk the seaside streets
Dance in the pools where the crabs should be
A wall is built between those years
And someone gotta put out this fire
Time is funny coz your eyes never rest
Think your special coz you feel you got empathy in your chest?
A rhythm so mean it would chop off your head
If you weren't driving off a cliff that is

Track Name: Want Stuff / Make Stuff
They say in life
You gotta make somethin outta this
I say it can't spoil

Want stuff? Make stuff
Want love? Make love
Want truth? Make truth
in the booth...

We're living and swimming within a time that's gettin harder
No money, austerity, predatory while the rich hide in the larder
But I love ya, I love ya, no matter where you're heads at today
so I say

Want stuff? Make stuff
Want love? Make love
Want power? It will devour
In the booth and in the roots
so you must always sing the truth

This planet is so beautiful but right now it's so erratic
The ocean life is choaking like an apple wrapped in plastic
But baby you're so lovin I forget just where my head's at today,
I pray a better tomorrow woulda come out of today
Got to manifest the right else why we singing anyway?
Men decay and pass away but by your works you'll get your pay
so all I really got to say in case the Earth should pass away
Please be kind and speak with mind and plant a zillion trees a day!

Track Name: Machiavelli Blues
I wake up to the mobile sound
Another 8-bit day in this two-bit town
Half asleep, eyes red and my neck feels sore
and the room still stinks from the night before
Crawl through the bedroom door
and as I move to the sink
Hear the first dog bark as I brush my teeth
Looking at the mould above and wondering what lies beneath
The people upstairs still ain't fixed that leak
The rent's due and it feels deep
It's a deep heat blues

I'm making cigarettes and cereal
Skyline's full of aerials
Movement's made unseen is like a dreadlocks at funerals
The city is a human zoo
Ah, what's eating you?
Honey baby, where's the special brew?
What are we all running after?
Running these streets till disaster
Honey baby won't you tell me what's the answer?
From High Trees to Teversham Lane
there's got to be some kind of change
Change the blues

Sometimes I like to walk the streets on my own
and catch the cannibals and see the pigeons munching on the chicken bones
A rolling stone on the steps of Stepney Green
Listen to the word and you might see what I see
Occupy, civilize, uprise, downsize
the shadows of Romans that wear many guises
Behind disguises we see their surprise
is a cry that's as tight as their ties
Meanwhile Mum and Dads hooked up to the telly
The man on Sky News is telling them life is scary
Upstairs the smell of skunk is getting kinda heavy
Little Jimmy's turning Machiavelli with his Blackberry
Ah yeah, what you gonna do
when you got the Machiavelli blues?

Weh dem a do and a weh dem a seh
When the good lord come and mash it away
This sound have fe really lead the way as I would say
Weh dem a do and a how dem a fall
when a Babylon back is against the wall
But this is not a time to fall
This is the time to stand tall
So what you gonna do when you got the Machiavelli blues?
Track Name: Babylon Is Spiralling Out of Control
Babylon is spiralling out of control
and if you didn't know already then I'm happy you know
Many more will have to suffer but better must come
said the crazy man singing 'bout the Sun

Babylon is spiralling out of control
Don't wanna reload, reload
Babylon is spiralling out of control
Don't wanna reload

Pressure gone higher and the old don't care
Pounding down this barren road with bombs in the mirror
A better world is breathing and it's coming on through
After all what does life mean to you?

Track Name: No-One's Getting Out
I am the lightning that crashes through the air
and a thousand cymbals fill the sky
man I'm the atmosphere
I am the old man who was just lying there
Fed up with wondering
I am excitement, the first time a kid steps on a train
The worries when your father walks the stairs in pain
I am the honesty when she screams out your name
Things'll never be the same

I twist and turn
Sometimes I freeze
Sometimes I burn
I never learn
You know I am life
No-one here is getting out
I hit and run
On every rich pig and on every lost bum
And by the time I'm through
No-one's getting out

I am the memory of a dream
across the TV screen
I am your older brother
Looking down from the park's tallest tree
and the fears and indecisions
that won't let you be
The serpent and the dove
The hatred and the love
The eyes, the ears, the heart, the mind
The impulse and the blood
I am the light in the rain
The old bicycle that will drive you insane

Track Name: Jump The Barrier
(JUMP!) Jump the barrier
Jump the barrier
Jump the barrier
dive through the barrier!


There once was a place
and I'm try'na search back
Down in the city
they don't want none a that
If they catch you just deny it
Everybody's lying so you might as well try it


They say living is a crisis
And it costs a lotta money
It's a joke and it's not so funny
So when security is slack
and the strike's comin' down
steal this ride
Get out of this town!